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(21. Feb 2019, Zou Hu)

Here we list the news and reports published by all forms of media:

Com pletion of BASS observing (18. Feb 2019, Zou Hu)

The last BASS night was ended on Feb. 13 (US). Xu Zhou and Jiali Wang are the observers. Thank them …

The second data release on Dec. 27, 2017 (26. Dec 2017, Zou Hu)

The Beijing Arizona Sky Survey publishes its second data release (DR2) on Dec. 27, 2017. It is our first time …

The first data release (DR1) of the BASS (21. Feb 2017, Zou Hu)

The Beijing-Arizona Sky Survey (BASS) is a new wide-field legacy imaging survey in the northern Galactic cap using the 2.3m …

BASS news on Steward website (30. Jul 2016, Zou Hu)

Article at

The BASS Survey Completes Year 1 The Beijing-Arizona Sky Survey (BASS) just completed its first official season of operations …

  • News: 2021.01 The BASS and DESI imaging teams jointly relese the final data (DR9)
  • News: 2021.01 BASS/DESI science workshop
  • News: 2019.08 The BASS released DR3 (the final release)
  • News: 2019.07 The DESI released DR8 including BASS and MzLS
  • News: 2019.02 The BASS completed all the observations
  • News: 2018.02 The DESI released DR6 including BASS and MzLS
  • News: 2017.12 The BASS released DR2 including BASS and MzLS data taken as of July 2017
  • News: 2017.06 The DESI released DR4 firstly including BASS and MzLS data taken as of Dec. 2016
  • News: 2017.01 The BASS released DR1 including only BASS data taken as of July 2016
  • News: 2015.12 The BASS released EDR including only BASS data taken as of July 2015

Data Release

lastest DESI DR9 (Jan. 2021)

lastest DR3 (Final release, Aug. 2019)

The Beijing-Arizona Sky Survey (BASS) is an ambitious wide-field multicolor survey of 5000 deg2 of the Northern Galactic Cap using the 90prime imager on the 2.3m Bok Telescope at Kitt Peak, as a three to four-year collaboration between the Chinese team led by NAOC and the US team led by Steward Observatory, University of Arizona. The survey will use 240 nights, covering SDSS g and r bands, reaching limiting AB magnitude of 24.0 and 23.6 (5σ), respectively. The survey will follow the successful SCUSS mode with strong participations and support from both China and US teams and produce high level science products for the general astronomical community. The survey data will allow effective target selection for the DESI dark energy spectroscopic survey project in the survey area. There are three image surveys that consititues the DESI imaging legacy surveys, which are mainly used for DESI spectroscopic targeting: the BASS, Mayall z-band Legacy Survey (MzLS), and the DECam Legacy Survey (DECaLS). The BASS and MzLS cover the same area of about 5500 deg² in the north Galactic cap, while the DECaLS cover an area of about 9000 deg² along the equator in both south and north. The DESI team produces the catalogs for spectroscopic targetting. The latest data release (DR4) include the BASS and MzLS data taken before 2016 July. The BASS team has published its early data release (EDR)in Dec. 2015, First Data Release in Jan. 2017, and Second Data Release in Dec. 2017.

A video introduction about the imaging survey and latest data release


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Whatever level of the BASS data you used, we hope you add the following acknowledgement in your paper.

BASS is a collaborative program between the National Astronomical Observatories of theChinese Academy of Science and Steward Observatory of the University of Arizona. It is a key project of the Telescope Access Program (TAP), which has been funded by the National Astronomical Observatories of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (the Strategic Priority Research Program “The Emergence of Cosmological Structures” grant no. XDB09000000), and the Special Fund for Astronomy from the Ministry of Finance. BASS is also supported by the External Cooperation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (grant no. 114A11KYSB20160057) and the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation (grant no. 11433005). The BASS data release is based on the Chinese Virtual Observatory (China-VO).

The follow papers should be cited as appropriate if you use the BASS data:


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  • Sep. 2014 Funding support from TAP (Telescope Access Program)
  • Jan. 2015 First observing run of the survey
  • Apr. 2015 New DECam r filter was purchased for BASS
  • Jun. 2015 First BASS workshop in Beijing, China
  • Aug. 2015 2nd joint BASS workshop in Tucson, US
  • Sep. 2015 Signed NAOC-UA MOU
  • Dec. 2015 Early Data Release (EDR)
  • Jan. 2016 Joining in MzLS observations
  • Sep. 2016 3rd joint BASS workshop in Tucson, US
  • Sep. 2016 Signed NAOC-DESI MOU
  • Dec. 2016 Funding supports for Science from BIC, CAS
  • Jan. 2017 First BASS data release (DR1)
  • Jun. 2017 DR4 in DESI Legacy Survey
  • Aug. 2017 4th BASS workshop in Wyoming, US
  • Dec. 2017 Second BASS data release (DR2)
  • Feb. 2018 DR6 in DESI Legacy Survey
  • Aug. 2018 5th BASS workshop in Tucson, US
  • Mar. 2019 End of BASS observation, total 387 nights
  • Jul. 2019 DESI DR8 release
  • Aug. 2019 Final data release (DR3/FDR)
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