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South Galactic Cap u-band Sky Survey: Data Release

:!: Public The SCUSS is a deep u-band imaging survey in the south Galactic cap using the 2.3m Bok telescope. The survey observations were completed in the end of 2013, covering about 5000 square degrees with a consistent depth. We release the data encompassing an area of about 4000 deg2 that is mostly covered by the Sloan digital sky survey. The data products contain calibrated single-epoch images, stacked images, photometric catalogs, and a catalog of star proper motions derived by Peng et al. (2015). The magnitude limit (5σ) is about 23.2 mag. There are about 8 million objects having the measurements of absolute proper motions. For information and questions, please contact Hu Zou and Xu Zhou or the mailing list of

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Data Access

Search forms at Chinese Astronomical Data Center (CAsDC)

Direct access the data through the directory tree (readme inside).

Survey Summary

Telescope 2.3m Bok Telescope
Site Kitt Peak (2071m)
Camera 90Prime
Detector 4 4kx4k blue-sensitive CCDs
FoV 1.08°x1.03°
Filter u (3538Å)
Astrometric accuracy 0.13″
Median seeing2.0″
Mean sky 22.05 mag/arcsec²
Median depth(5σ)23.2 mag
Observation period2010-2013
Observed Area5000 deg²

SCUSS footprint:

  • Check your object in the catalogs or image footprint:

  • Aitoff projection of the SCUSS footprint. This projection is centered at (α = 90°, δ = 0°). Pink filled circles are the south Galactic pole (SGP), north Galactic pole (NGP), Galactic center (GC), and anti Galactic center (AGC). The red solid curves show the Galactic plane and Galactic latitude of -30°. The green dashed lines present the actual coverage of the survey, whose area is about 5000 deg² (sky polygon: scussfp-radec.txt). The blue filled region is the area where the data being released, whose area is about 3850 deg² (sky polygon: scuss-catalog-equtorial.txt). The SDSS imaging runs are also shown in grey.


Please cite the papers properly if you used the SCUSS data:

Please add an acknowledgement in your papers:

  • The SCUSS is funded by the Main Direction Program of Knowledge Innovation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (No. KJCX2-EW-T06). It is also an international cooperative project between National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Steward Observatory of the University of Arizona. Technical support and observational assistance from the Bok telescope are provided by Steward Observatory. The project is managed by the National Astronomical Observatory of China and Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. Data resources are supported by Chinese Astronomical Data Center (CAsDC).

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