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The SCUSS u filter is similar to the SDSS u band. The below link is the SCUSS u filter response in ASCII, where the 3rd column includes the filter transmission, CCD efficiency and atmospheric extinction at airmass of 1.3.

SCUSS filter response [download]

Fig.0 Response curves of the SCUSS u and SDSS u filters. Both curves include the atmospheric extinction at an airmass of 1.3 and normalized to their maximums. See the technical paper (Hu Zou et al. 2015)

The Telescope

The South Galactic Cap U-band Sky Survey is an international cooperative project between National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, USA. We plan to use the Bok 90-inch telescope of the Steward Observatory.

Fig.1 The Bok Dome on Kitt Peak

Fig.2 The Bok 90 Inch Telescope

Fig.3 The Bok Observational Room

The CCD Camera

Fig.4 Michael is working in the CCD Lab

Fig.5 The New CCD in Lab

Fig.6 ITL Cold Prober testing U-Band Survey CCDs

Fig.7 Prober display

Fig.8 The New 4k × 4k CCD Mosaic. The filed of view is 1.0316 deg × 1.0770 deg

Fig.9 The dithered 3 × 3 Pointing Array

Fig.10 Good STA2900 CCD for 90Prime ĘC from ITL Cold Probe Station .

The Guider Camera and Filters

Fig.11 Guider camera being evaluated for 90Prime upgrade.

Fig.12 The Filters for the 90Prime

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