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Integrated SED of NGC 288 Using BATC System
Tsay, W.-S.; Chen, A. B. C.; Lu, P. K.
AA(Inst. of Astronomy, National Central Univ.), AC(W. Ct. State Univ.)
American Astronomical Society Meeting, 191, #125.07
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(c) 1997: American Astronomical Society
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Integrated spectral energy distribution (SED) of star clusters were obtained using the BATC [Beijing-Arizona-Taipei-Connecticut] intermediate-band photometric system. This system consists 15 filters with wavelength coverage from 3360-9750A. Star clusters with different ages in LMC, SMC and as well as NGC288 have been obtained at CTIO with Michigan Schmidt and 0.9m telescopes. The characteristics of star clusters from the studies of theoretic models and photometric observations are well known. Stellar population, abundance and color distributions for the central core of many globular clusters are not clearly known. Test of the integrated SED is now completed for NGC288 with a typical crowded center core. Result from this study indicate that the integrated color of these clusters varies with the cluster age. The globular cluster NGC288 has a typical central concentration of red giants, as measured by the redder BATC 4550-5795 color (similar to B--V color) in its core radius of about 80", compared to the overall color of the cluster to about 300".
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