A Successful Conclusion of the EAYAM !

The East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2008 (EAYAM2008) was successfully held in Jiayuguan of China from July 27 to August 1, 2008. The young astronomers from East Asia carried out wide-ranging academic exchange during the five-day workshop. The participants also visited several tourist attractions, such as the Jiayuguan Gate and the Diyidun. After that, in the afternoon of August 1, a fantastic total solar eclipse occurred in the sky and all of the participants observed that at the Jinta Lake of Jiayuguan. This is the first solar total eclipse in China in the 21st centary and it's really amazing and exciting!

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Here are some of our collective photos and the photos for each speaker. If anyone requires more pictures and the personal pictures or videos, you can exchange privately by email.

Collective Photos

Photos for each speaker


The DEADLINE of the abstract submission is May 30, 2008!
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We plan to welcome all the participants in Lanzhou, 25th July is the welcoming day. In the night of welcoming day, around 9:00pm, one train will take us to Jiayuguan. 26th July is the day of registraion in Jiayuguan. We will inform you to give us some details of your arriving and departing by Email later.


Considering the number limited of participators in the meeting, we have to stop accepting the registration from Chinese Mainland. If the decision bothers you, please forgive me. Thanks for your understanding!


We update the informaiton of accommodation in the part Location and Transport, which contains the website of Guo Tai Hotel and the images of meeting and living room. After your arriving in Lanzhou before night of 25th August, we will take charge for a one-night trip from Lanzhou to Jiayuguan by sleeper train. After the conference, you can choose to leave Jiayuguan in the night of 1st August (around 10:00 pm and will arrive in Lanzhou in the next morning) or the morning of 2rd August (around 7:00 am and will arrive in Lanzhou in the next afternoon).


We have arranged the specific schedule of every oral presentation in schedule and you can download it.


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