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Our SNe from 2012

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Unnamed SNe:

NameRA & DecDetected DateSky ZoneSN Type
PSN J1226R.A. = 12h26m15s.96, Decl. = +08d30'39".3Mar. 26.7 2015SH04unknown
PSN J1331R.A. = 13h31m51s.45, Decl. = +30d00'27".6Mar. 25.8 2015SG33unknown
PSN J1340R.A. = 13h40m23s.16, Decl. = +28d24'38".5Mar. 25.8 2015SG22unknown
PSN J1713R.A. = 17h13m37s.70, Decl. = +37d37'59".7Mar. 05.9 2015SK22unknown
PSN J1001R.A. = 10h01m18s.05, Decl. = +55d46'16".9Feb. 26.8 2015SC35unknown
PSN J0908R.A. = 09h08m04s.40, Decl. = +55d41'33".5Feb. 26.7 2015SC30unknown
PSN J1232R.A. = 12h32m26s.60, Decl. = +16d15'31".8Feb. 25.7 2015SF10unknown
PSN J1235R.A. = 12h35m06s.37, Decl. = +31d14'35".4Feb. 16.7 2015SG37Ia-91T
PSN J1235R.A. = 12h35m44s.42, Decl. = +16d05'36".6Feb. 11.7 2015SF11IIn
PSN J0825R.A. = 08h25m08s.76, Decl. = +54d16'36".5Feb. 10.7 2015SC26Ia-91T
PSN J1239R.A. = 12h39m39s.82, Decl. = +11d24'42".6Jan. 20.8 2015SH30Ia
PSN J0935R.A. = 09h35m13s.28, Decl. = +50d28'21".9Jan. 20.8 2015SE71IIn
PSN J0358R.A. = 03h58m14s.36, Decl. = +35d41'32".7Jan. 20.6 2015SB36Ia
PSN J0829R.A. = 08h29m40s.49, Decl. = +43d46'53".3Jan. 20.6 2015SE18Ia-91T

Our first Supernova 2012hg !

Tianmeng Zhang, Xu Zhou, National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC); and Juncheng Chen, Xiaofeng Wang, Tsinghua University, China, report the discovery of an apparent supernova (mag 18.0) on unfiltered CCD images taken on Nov. 25. 75 UT using the 0.6-m NAOC 60-cm schmidt telescope in the course of Tsinghua University-NAOC Supernova Survey . The object was located at R.A. = 07h07m25s.60, Decl. = +56d18'19".2 (equinox 2000.0), which is 15.1"west and 13.8"north of the center of the galaxy CGCG 261-024.

CBET 3327 X.-L. Zhao and X.-F. Wang, Tsinghua University; J.-J. Zhang and W.-B. Xu, Yunnan Astronimical Observatory (YNAO); and T.-M. Zhang, National Astronomical Observatories of China, report on an optical spectrogram (range 330-880 nm) that was obtained on Dec. 1.8 UT with the 2.4-m telescope (+ YFOSC) at the LiJiang Gaomeigu Station of the YNAO. The spectrum is consistent with a normal type-Ia supernova a few days before maximum light. Cross-correlation with a library of supernova spectra using the "Supernova Identification" code (SNID; Blondin and Tonry 2007, Ap.J. 666, 1024) shows that 2012hg matches with SN 2003du at -8 days. Adopting a recession velocity of 11297 km/s for the presumed host galaxy, CGCG 261-24 (K. Rines et al. 2000, A.J. 120, 2338), they measure the velocity of the Si II 635.5-nm absorption feature to be about 11800 km/s.

Supernova photometric follow up

Project members: Xiaofeng Wang, Tianmeng Zhang, Chao Wu, Jide Liang,...

We monitor some bright supernovae reported by IAUCs with 0.8-m Tsinghua-NAOC Telescope (TNT) located at NAOC Xinglong Observatory in UBVRI bands. This telescope is co-operated by Tsinghua University and the National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC) and equipped with a 1340 X 1300 pixel back-illuminated CCD, with a field of view (FOV) of 11.5 X 11.2' (scale ~ 0.52"/ pixel).

Supernova spectroscopic observation

Project members: Xiaofeng Wang, Tianmeng Zhang, Chao Wu, JunCheng Chen, Qing Liu, Jia Chen,...

The 2.16-m telescope at NAOC Xinglong Observatory using the Cassegrain spectrograph and BAO Faint Object Spectrograph & Camera (BFOSC) mounted at the Cassegrain focus with f/4.5.

We obtained 12 nights on 2.16-m telescope on 2011 for supernova spectroscopic observations. The observational journals on 2011 are: 2011/01/07, 2011/02/11, 2011/03/25, 2011/04/08, 2011/04/22, 2011/05/13, 2011/05/27, 2011/06/03, 2011/09/30, 2011/10/21, 2011/12/02 and 2011/12/23.

We obtained 7 nights on 2.16-m telescope on 2012. The observational journals on 2012 are: 2012/03/16, 2012/04/27, 2012/05/11, 2012/08/17, 2012/09/14, 2012/11/09 and 2012/12/07. We will have priority to use ToO time on: 2012/01/20, 2012/03/02, 2012/04/13, 2012/05/25, 2012/07/13, 2012/08/31, 2012/10/12, and 2012/12/21. We can also have opportunity to share time with other observers on: 2012/01/27, 2012/02/24, 2012/04/20, 2012/06/15, 2012/09/21, 2012/11/02, and 2012/11/16.

The details of spectroscopy of SN can be found here:
Supernova spectorscopy observation & note