Curriculum Vitae

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Paris, 2006, summer
Yang Yanbin
Postal Address: National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC), 20A Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100012 People's Republic of China

Research Interests
  • Galaxy formation and evolution; clusters of galaxies.
  • Signal/noise analysis, especially, the spectrum and image processing.
  • 2001.9 - 2004.7   Ph.D. in Multi-band Wide-field Study of Nearby Cluster of Galaxies -- Formation and Evolution of Abell 168, BATC group (a project of intermediate and multi band, large field survey) of NAOC, under the direction of Dr. Xu Zhou.
  • 1998.9 - 2001.7   Post-graduate study, in Iron line of AGN, Department of Astronomy, Beijing Normal University (BNU), China Beijing, under the direction of Dr. Jian-Min Wang.
  • 1994.9 - 1998.7   Bachelor, in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Department of Astronomy of BNU.
Professional Experience
  • Signal/noise analysis and numerical simulations in Xinglong group of NOAC.
  • Processing and analyzing CHANDRA X-ray data for studying the merger of clusters of galaxies.
  • Proposed a method to enhance the resolution (slightly) and the quality of BATC images.
  • Proposed a method to correct background for surface photometry, and also for aperture photometries of point sources.
  • Programming a "robot" for Supernova Survey in Nearby Clusters of Galaxies Based on BATC, including tasks of image subtraction, star finding, data analysis, candidate announcement.
  • Regular observation for BATC, learning optical observation and operation of telescope.
  • Color image combination on the basis of Fortran+pgplot.
  • Investigation of 2.6 m telescope of Armenia.
  • Oral reports on: Astronomical Conference of China, 2004; International meeting in Korea, 2003.
Professional Training
  • Mastering Fortran, pgplot and shell program, also familiar with IRAF, IDL, Maple, Matlab.
  • Mastering CCD image processing, and subsequent steps, such as analysis of structure, signal and noise.
  • Familiar with the theory of statistics and error analysis, also with numerical simulation.
  • Mastering data processing and analyzing of BATC data. Familiar with SDSS data and their structure.
Skills Acquired
  • DOS, Windows*, popular softwares
  • Linux and its server configuration and management.
  • Language: a) Database: MySql, Foxpro; b) HTML*, JAVAscript, PHP, CGI; c) Perl, Awk and C-shell programming, basics of JAVA, C++.
  • Chinese (mother tone).
  • English (fluent in reading and understanding, still improving on speaking and writing).

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